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Autism Doesn't Come with A Manual Mom Never Gives Up Stickers

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Decorate Your Car With Personalized Car Decal, Which Made to a Personalized Look of Your Car Stylish Car Badge Will Make Your Car More Charming.

Condition: 100% Brand New Material: PET Professional Reflective Car Stickers, Suitable For Exterior Or Interior Use Feature: Waterproof, Sunproof, Good Adhesive, Easy To Install, Just Peel And Paste, They Will Not Destroy Color Or Surface It Pasted On Suitable Place: Car Windows, Doors, Tail, Windshield, Hood, Cover, Bumper Ect. Size/Colors: As Pictures Package Includes: 1 Piece/Pack

About installation: Application of the sticker is very easy, taking only minutes. Your sticker has 3 parts: ( Backing, Sticker, Clear Transfer film)

Installation method of small car stickers (dry sticking method): 1. Clean the sticking position and keep it dry; 2. Remove the backing paper on the back; (With the back side up, slowly peel off the backing paper. NOTE: It is very important that the back side is up.) 3. Confirm the position and fix the small corner on one side 4. Use bank paper or a scraper to scrape left or right to level the bubbles; 5. Remove the transfer film; 6. Done. Do not wash your car within 48 hours.

Installation method of large car stickers (wet sticker method, also applicable to small car stickers installation): 1. Prep tools: rag, sprinkler, dish soap, scraper or credit card 2. Watering can: put water and dishwashing liquid into a shaker (the dishwashing liquid has a lubricating effect, only a small amount is required), set aside.

3. Clean the body and spray water evenly on the body to be installed. Tear off the backing paper on the back of the sticker, and spray the glued side with water evenly. 4. Lightly attach the car sticker to the surface of the car body and adjust it to a suitable position (at this time, due to the lubricating effect of detergent water, the viscosity is reduced, and it can be adjusted at will).

5. After determining the position, take the center of the sticker as the origin, and use the scraper to scrape evenly in the surrounding direction. The purpose is to scrape the water out, so as not to leave air bubbles; Gently lift, re-smooth and continue to scrape. 6. Check the air bubbles again, make sure that all the air bubbles are scraped out, let it stand for 1~2 hours to let the moisture in the sticker dry, and then tear off the transfer film on the surface of the sticker.

7. Use a utility knife to make a cut on the door and sewing, and stick to the inside. 8. Done. Do not wash your car within 72 hours.

▲Note: 1. When tearing off the backing paper, the backing paper should be facing up and the transfer film should be facing down. There may be scattered parts stickers on the backing paper, which can be pressed onto the transfer film with your fingers; 2. After the backing paper has been torn off, avoid sticking the stickers together;

3. Please do not wash the car within 72 hours after it is pasted, because the sticker has not been completely pasted within this time, and the high-pressure water column of the car wash will cause it to fall off; 4. If you lack installation experience, it is recommended to use the wet paste method to install more securely!

▲Reminder: If you have no installation experience, we recommend that you go to an experienced car modification shop to install!

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